Dear Patients,
Our surgery is closed between 23.08 - 27.08.2021 If you need a medical assistant during this time, please contact following surgeries. Zwissler, Thudichumstr. 5, 60489, Ffm, Tel: 069-74222254 or Praxis am Niddatal, Am Niddatal 17, 60488 FfM, Tel: 069-761107
Due to the current pandemic situation, we kindly ask you to observe the following rules:
• Please do not come to the surgery without an appointment. Please always call in advance and make an appointment (8.00 - 8.30 a.m. Tel; 069-788 555).
• Please come to your appointment on time (not too early or late).
• If you would like to order a prescription, referral form etc., please order by calling the number 069 74309081 and leave a message on answering machine or by email.
• We offer our Patients VIDEO consultation. If you would like to arrange a video consultation, please contact us by email or fax. Please note, a video consultation requires a device (such as a smart phone, tablet or computer) with a camera, microphone, speaker and a good internet connection.
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Please be informed that we now offer COVID-19 antibody test. Please call us to arrange an appointment. Please note, the cost will not be covered by public health insurance.
If you would like to get Covid-vaccine, please register us after the end of August.

Health screening (Adults, Adolescents)
Medical Checkup
Skin Screening
Laboratory Services
Sonography (Ultrasound)
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Measurement of Long-term Blood pressure
Vaccinations for Adolescents
Vaccination + Consultation
  (except yellow fever)
Examination of lung function
Sports medicine
Application of restorative injections
Application of infusions
--Office hours:
Mon / Tue 9-12 and 16-18 h
Wen 9-12 h
Thu 9-12 and 17-19 h
Fri 9-12 h
Only with an Appointment!
In case of emergency please call:
112 or 069-126117
  Welcome !

We are an experienced team of doctors, always seeking to give you the best possible care. For this reason, personal consulations are very important to us.
We offer our services in German, Russian, Japanese, and English.

For future improvements, we would be grateful for your feedback.

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